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Scattered Evil is based on Raven (https://longthanhtourist.com/content/uploads/files/download/raven-shield-cd-key-regedit.zip) Software’s Hexen, using many of its original assets. It also uses a lot of 2D art, some 3D models and a few sounds from Heretic, Heretic II and Hexen II. Yodot rar repair license key.

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Korax’ Heritage: Scattered Evil, the first game built upon the Vavoom-based KoraxRPG (KRPG) engine, is a cross-breed between a first person shooter and a role playing game, set in the world of Hexen. In addition to the 3D movement, exploration and fighting of the original Hexen, you can travel around the world in different ways and talk to non player characters (NPCs) to learn new spells, acquire new weapons, buy useful items and more. In addition, you get experience for killing monsters and finishing quests. After earning sufficient experience, you level up, gaining more power. Your deeds as well as any useful information you come upon in your travels are automatically recorded in your journal.

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Weird thing is, I play in Aramachi mostly, just as the OP. Which doesn't happen to be a busy system at all. But the same thing's been happening everywhere else. Jita now became impossible to step into.


Turns out, the fix wasn't a "linux/cedega" issue, and the FIX is sitting on SISI. I verified this by loggin in under linux to the test server, and it is smooth as silk. No more lag/freeze/black screen. The login is smooth and back to normal.

The only ones I can think of are Team Fortress 2, CS GO, MTG Arena, League of Legends, and DOTA 2. It's been a long time since I've done any real multiplayer gaming, but part of the reason why is because it seems like all of the hot new multiplayer games rely on anticheats that are incompatible with Linux, and especially the F2P ones. Roni - Amazing Slow Downer 2.76. Looking for FreeCap 3.18 crack, serial number, password, keygen, or cool warez.


Hero Editor is a VB6 app. A New World -5447-7278892-7648258-2126 9750-0553133-8300899-5758 2020-1236143-5723266-5867. Serving D2 Mod Makers Since 2020.

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If not, I might let my subscriptions lapse until they actually take some positive action to fix this mess. If they can't/won't fix it even then, I'll just quit entirely. I really hope they listen and make this a top priority over anything else before they lose people for good.


I played very often with 30+ players and buddies that I have developed over my 3 years of Eve, as I stated in a previous post. As of this date, over 12 of them have canceled their accounts with FIRM intentions never to return because of DRAGON and the issues introduced with it. Frankly, I have to say this is NOT looking good CCP.

Threat Details: Categories: trojan. If the driver updates, check if it works. Send messages and multimedia files to other users.


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On Old School RPG complexity, there are two additional states: Extremely Overburdened and Lightfooted. Extremely Overburdened is signalized by three bright red exclamation marks on top of the carried weight indicator and further exacerbates the negative effects of Overburdened. In contrast, Lightfooted occurs when the weight carried is less than half the threshold determined by your Constitution score and is signalized by a bright green checkmark on top of the carried weight indicator. In this state, the player moves faster and takes longer got tire out or get hungry than usual.

My favorite thing about the dev blogs was people were *****ing about fixing the game stability-wise before adding content or ****ing with the coding. The response: "We're ****ing with everything in order to fix everything!


With 1.50 patch i can play in ranked servers with cd key from keygen: 9th September 2020, 09: 56 PM #1: apastas. Red Alert 2 online key! GIVEAWAY download basket.

Less missions/ratting/PVP means less people are losing ships. Lower ship loses means that sellers suddenly have the rug pulled out from underneath them and are forced to watch inventory pile up and cut each other's throats in desperation to try to sell. When that fails, they stop buying minerals or start paying a lot less because they have huge stockpiles that they can't move.


This section contains information you collect from specialists around the world. Acquiring a codex page will also enhance your mind, allowing you to cast spells of greater power.

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We lost BS yesterday in Ammold running lvl4 mission. Our guy was unable to hit anything before he was in the pod.

I lost a ship last night due to lagging so badly so looking forward to the long drawn out petition process. Be nice if CCP could respond to them quicker, after all we do pay them money every month.


For the record, when I spent over 45 minutes in local chat, whilst being stuck midway thru a stargate into Rens yesterday while it 'loaded' and then dropped me, and was unable to get back on for another 20 minutes, I looked out my window and saw my neighbor tossing a frisbee around with his son. I went out and threw it with them for awhile.

Curzon, if they are answering, why do I and many other people have petitions that have been in for over a month now? Seems that CCP is more interetsed in saying they broke the X limit online at one time instead of fixing their product that at times is unplayable? When the server comes down like 4 times in 1 day, there is a PROBLEM.


There is no convincing me that is NOT what happened. I am sure Dragon fixed many things like you said in your blog, but lets face it, Dragon INTRODUCED critical bugs while it was fixing NON-critical ones. I know people complain about stuff not arriving when you say it will. But I, for one, would much rather WAIT on an update/expansion, and have it done RIGHT, than what happened with Dragon.

I really hope CCP is thinking of something to do with the excessive lag. It only makes me sad to see: "30000 player barrier broken" - This means more and more lag. I have a 100 MBit connection and a decent computer, this is not MY problem, CCP, this is YOUR problem, please do something!


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I used to be able to run both of my accounts at the same time on a 52k dial-up. Now I just hope I don't lag out or the screen freeze up to the point that I CTD. CCP has to address this issue soon.

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The MOTD in the help channel is insulting. Especially considering that we've now gone a week with no news on the lag and discon issues. Who ever is responsible for it, should have at least a talking to. I'd really hate to think that CCP is taking the same attitude towards their players, that SOE and Blizzard do. Clear and timely communication is the key to maintaining community good will during times of trouble. That good will is literally priceless during times like these. It wouldn't take that much to have a few words of update, from someone high enough in CCP to have the real time information.


Come Join discussion on all platforms from Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation, to PC. Coding, tips, builds, specs, tricks and more. Windows and/or Steam game data (use Wine regedit to access Windows registry. In Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield (https://longthanhtourist.com/serial-code/?file=4436), the third installment to the wildly popular Rainbow Six series, Team Rainbow faces the hidden global forces of a new and secretive foe.

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I miss the big fleet engagements with tolerable lag. Now, lag is a pain even in small gangs. Recently, I was in a 40-50 man gang and we lag warped all over the place after each system jump, even with staggered jumping.


This is at the core of the unique KoraxRPG experience: you can tailor the game’s behaviour to your playstyle. The higher the complexity setting, the more you need to explore, the more minute details of your character you need to manage; the lower the setting, the more you can just concentrate on the business of killing monsters.

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Sidekicks: unless you turn RPG Complexity Off, your teammates will join you in every hub and will fight the monsters alongside you. On Old School complexity, they will even heal you and recharge your mana reserves if desired.


In short, it's a tool with a very intuitive and easy to use interface, which allows its users to enjoy all its advantages. However, antivirus programs did not find any threats. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading.

And even if they were, that's not what I'm paying for. I'm paying for a full game, not for 75% of a game!


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For reference, I have 32% LR, and wearing the belt brings me to 451 vitality (1722 life total). But STILL, whenever I encounter a Holy Shock unique mob, they one-shot me, or very close to, even when I'm wearing Thundergod's. Is there a bug with Holy Shock in 1/09? It seems that mobs hit VERY hard with it.

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CCP we still wait for an answer - thei thread wont dissapear as many others. Dev- please post here on that issue. Its REALLY a problem here and now!


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As a final note to CCP themselves. Look a little above this at Fear Not's last comment. Proof positive of what I'm saying. Fix the lag before looking at anything else, or you'll start losing more and more people as they no longer see Eve Online as value for money.

I've been running Pindle, and made a couple of Meph runs as well. Seems he can't be slivered in NM at all. In any case, he dropped me a Tal Rasha's Amulet. That got me thinking, is there a grail table for 1/09 available anywhere? I have my own which I made for 1/07; the items' names are the same, so I guess I could use that. But if a better functioning, prettier one exists I would be interested in that.


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I cannot run missions except for courier missions since "Dragon", even when there are less than 20k people online. It turns into a slideshow/lagfest as soon as I get into one, so the only ones I could attempt without putting my battleship at excessive risk is level 2 missions.

Whereas lag has always been an underlying problem in eve (and likely always will be), up until a few weeks ago it was bearable. Since the Dragon update and the other recent patches, the quality of gameplay has been getting steadily worse.


Have you any suggestions for other gear assuming that I can rack anything in 1/07/8? I have also some 1/09b stuff stashed.

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Scan result of Farbar. Find Serial Number notice: Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield serial number, Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield all version keygen, Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield activation key, crack - may give false results or no results in search terms. Outer Front Cover; Contents; Publisher's Letter: Make the Internet free of sales tax; Feature: Unravelling Saturn's Secrets by Sammy Isreb; Feature: Hifi On A Budget by Owen Davies & Julian Edgar; Project: Multi-Spark Capacitor Discharge Ignition System by John Clarke; Serviceman's Log: The things I do for money by The TV Serviceman; Order Form.


If you break a lockpick just load the saved game and try again. Some cleaners detect malware, but ask money for removal. Kozmo is offline 10th December 2020, 10: 26 PM #8: Kozmo.

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I just wanted my name added to the list. I too have had problems with lag and a corp mate lost a domi to it. Please do address this issue, because it's one that hurts the most.


I have to admit that the lag in Jita is rediculous. Right after the reboot I have been "Entering Game" (after the #300 person wait) for 20 minutes.

If you want to kill stuff you should really stack the Crushing Blow. My Zealot can do Ice Caves on p9 thanks to the insane power of CB.


On the following prompt, select Search automatically for updated driver software and let it search for results. To check what protection a CD is using, use A-Ray Scanner. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield (https://longthanhtourist.com/serial-code/?file=9631) is an adventure game with special effects.

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The lag and disconnect issue is not jsut in systems with 40 + players. I been running missions in Ivar.

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What part of the game works the best? The low end stuff, and the server itself. High end content is always going to be buggy and in development, but the percentage of players "playing and testing it" will always be a minority. What NEEDS to work is basic mechanics. Potential customers show up to the game, take a peek around, get a feel for the basics, meet their first player contacts, do a couple missions, make some ISK, and decide whether to upgrade to a real account. They MUST have a good playing experience to stay. Right now, they are logging into loading screens, getting stuck, seeing local full of angry lagfest talk, and promptly uninstalling Eve.


AS I just stated in an email to them. I will not be continueing my subscription until they make the product I'm paying for playable. My approach is that if everyone who can not play stops paying them, they will have to fix it.

As the only class, the Mage receives his second weapon as well when starting out. The Sapphire Wand is a decent ranged weapon that uses blue mana, which you can generate in the early stages by dealing damage to enemies with your Thunderstaff.


I found it VERY strange that MORE options on gave me higher fps than off, but that is EXACTLY what happened. Also, be careful with the buffer size. I run 2GBs of RAM, but I found the smoothest setting at 128 rather than 256, or 512.

I'm in your area and I can tell you that as more people log in on the US side the lag gets worse. I try to play in the AM CST as by Evening CST it really sucks, and yesterday I counted a whole 6 people in my system.


Stop sounding like a smartass, i pay for this game and i want to be able to enjoy it and play it without any problems. It's CCPs job to satisfy their players by making the game run flawlessly - end of discussion.

I'll probably go for the FO/Meteor/SF build. Should I invest some points in Warmth/Energy though? Teleport probably could use at least a couple of points.


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A real acknowledgement would be a news item. EVERYONE sees those, whether they read them in depth or not.

Rainbow Six 3 is a tactical shooter game DEVELOPED by UBI. ReportBuilder Enterprise for Delphi 7 7.0. Set it to your language version of Welcome!


Easy, well-researched, and trustworthy instructions for everything you want to know. Insane Keyfinder Utilities - System Utilities, Shareware, $ this is very difficult to recover if you will just look for it at your registry. This blog being made for everyone who enjoyed hacking, software, OS, games, cheat, movie collection, porn, and many more in only one blog.

I'm not sure what the issue is, so perhaps someone here can help me. I've checked the PCGamingWiki and there's no mention of the original Splinter Cell or Rainbow Six Rogue Spear simply not even booting as an issue. I've installed them via disc, too, which is the way I've played them on my tremendously old eMachines back in the day. Hopefully, someone here can help me troubleshoot the error, as I'm really in the mood to just mess around with some of these older games.


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One thing I absolutely cannot stand is the fanboys who advocate moving out of problem areas. First, the "problem" is spreading. If you're currently playing in a lag-free system or region, you'd better relish you experience, because at the rate things have degenerated in the last 90 days it won't last.

I think its great that we have had over 30k players online at one time but we have to think further and ask ourselfs if the server really can handle it? IMO it havnt been all that great tbh.


How to Enable or Disable SuperFetch in Windows 10 / 8 /

LCS says I have 2100 AR, with 195 dex. Bow gives 137 AR, and Penetrate gives 135%.

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This enables 3rd party themes on versions till SP2. Get spoilered and discuss them here. Hey, I need help to get past the cd key in raven shield when ever I try to connect to Rainbow Six Raven Shield Invalid CD Key Fix (#1) brianusn.


Do you not think such an idea defeats the point of the game here somewhat? We want to be able to use good agents, to visit the systems that are useful for trade and so on, leaving these just to escape lag doesn't solve the actual problem. We then can't run missions or similarly earn money and progress in the game.

I have to agree with the op on this. I've stopped doing missions for 2 wks now.


I have noticed that certain systems seem to be more effected than others, and on my travels have been in systems where things were working swiftly having hardly any issues. Sadly I dont have any mission agents there otherwise I would move in a heartbeat. For the moment I am stuck in thashkarai (tash murkon).

It's getting steadily worse as CCP introduce each new patch. You'll need to tell your computer to boot the CD, there's multiple ways it can be done. This should start booting up into Linux.


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When building residential areas, try to group houses in a circle around a central facilities district. Updates are issued periodically and new results might be added for this applications from our community. How to Install Software Silently (Unattended).

I have to agree with what Dark is trying to say here. For the past couple of weeks i have had the same experience and i have lost ships to it aswell, but they have been reimburst, so thats no problem.


CCP could give up on the idea of having the entire game hosted on a single shard. Build a server in the US, and force the US players to use the US server. Smaller, more numerous servers are also probably much more cost effective than just using one really BIG server.

What is PowerReg Scheduler.exe? Is PowerReg Scheduler.exe spyware or a virus

When you talk to an important NPC and accept his/her task, you may receive a trackable quest. To make sure you don’t miss having picked up a quest, a message pops up upon exiting the current conversation.


Stop boasting about your 30000 players online a one time, and start trying to improve the quality of gameplay of those subscribers that you have rather than trying to get more or people will begin to stop playing. In plenty of places, the lag was ridiculous on the night of the 30k players, and eve was only really playable once it had dropped down below 25k from my point of view.

That, in of itself, may not be that much of a deal. However, the dropping of connection, and the increasing frequency of systems "resetting" is forcing me to wonder as to the reliability of this game, which I'm paying for, versus other MMO games which are free and have higher reliability.


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The script works on Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10. Read more. Stop boasting about your 30000 players online a one time, and start trying to improve the. Installed with a game: Rainbow Six 3 - Raven Shield (hop over to this web-site).

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All comments about PowerReg Scheduler.exe

Once you arrive at your next destinaton, you will be asked if you wish to enter the location you’ve just reached. You may accept, or decline and continue traveling.

Well I have gone into regedit (https://longthanhtourist.com/serial-code/?file=1637) under NewSavePath and I have changed the code to the first one. Saracen's Chance Now rolls up to 50% Enhanced Damage + all attributes and all resist. My clients computer has FIS installed, but at the moment it is not protecting the system.


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Maybe next time, you'd be better off trying to worry about deploying all the optimizations you can before deploying something new. You say "It's not just new stuff" but in the same breath you imply that Dragon was deployed without optimizations and improvements. That would lead me to believe that the focus was on new stuff, instead of optimizations and improvements. And I sincerely hope that the new optimizations won't have to wait until Kali, because I know for a fact that the community isn't going to wait a month for the servers to stop lagging, unless we all get our subscription fees back for the month we have to wait. You'd be well advised to deploy your FIXES before deploying NEW content.


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The fact we pay you ppl for this quality of service is starting to get kinda rediculous. Plz, at the very least, toss us a comment and let us know this is a priority for you.

Raven shield patch 1.6

EDIT: Strange how CCP hasn't addressed this thread yet. Anyone want to venture a guess why?


I canceled my subscription due lag issues and because if I lose one ship due lag, they'll refund me after MONTHS! I'm not going to pay for a totally unplayable game.

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Looking at these known issues tells me that CCP is seemingly unaware of a problem. If they are aware of it (which after countless bug reports, threads, and petitions they should be) then at least list it as a known issue and let us know you are even in the same universe. That is after all the purpose that page was advertised as having.


The days when there was so much new content you thought you could never explore it all. The days that, sadly, are LONG gone.

Yeah there are issues, but they will get sorted no doubt. If they don't, we all find another game - simple as. We know that, they know that, and will be more than aware that if subscription numbers drop to the extreme then they all will be looking for more work.


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How big is the client download currently? Ye can't m8. Same applies to Command& Conquer Generals. Full GPU accelerated video toolkit to edit, convert, download, record and more.


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More lag means less people risking running missions/ratting/PVP. Their income suffers as a result. High-profile rare module loot drops dry up on the market.

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Lag isn't only bad in Aramachi: I left Rairomon (Citadel Region) earlier because I was getting 15+ seconds for module activations. Which I've never had before in that system, considering there was a grand total of 6 people in-system.


CCP pull your act together, this lag is unbearable. Throw those useless "YARRSTERS" out of the threadmill and let oveur take it over. Rodent Powa (TM) is not enough for this we need Beer Powa (TM).

The auto-aggro group sends a few frigates, so I release my medium drones and send them after one. Four or five minutes later, and after repeating the command a fair few times, my drones are still not bothering to target the specific frigate I selected, but are picking their own.


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The CD converter module provides a FreeDB auto-save feature, which enables track title, artist, and album information to be dynamically downloaded from the Internet CD Database and used when you want to convert audio CD tracks to WAV, MP3, WMA, or OGG. LEGO, adventure, action, RPG, driving, shooting, sports & much more. Machine was running extremely slow, then "locked up".

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So MANY times, point of fact, that the words have become almost meaningless. Because, if you are TRULY sorry about something, you do EVERYTHING in your power to make sure it doesn't happen again. And, in all fairness, I don't think anyone, even at CCP, can say they have done EVERYTHING in their power to improve the player experience. No, what has APPEASED me the most is how CCP is APPARENTLY backing up their words. Indeed, the servers do seem better today. Of course, that could only be because there are fewer people on (during a weekend) than I have seen in a long time.

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I was out in 0/0 yesterday and no lag at all. Now I'm back in empire (lowsec) it's lagging like death. Is node balancing out of whack or something?

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I have run ping rate programs taht CCP said to do and have no issues with any other internet operations. Yet the problem has been getting worse over the past two to three months.


Demanding answers to our questions. Obviously you can't go around answering stupid or small questions about why there is a problem here and there for ever little thing, but at the moment all of EVE suffering and I think at the least, we DESERVE closure.

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I agree, haven't played this game since before the summer vacation. Then it was okay, except abit laggy on sunday evenings. Now I notice its bollox laggy all the time, regardless.


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Last time a friend of mine lost a ship due to lag; 5 weeks to get it reimbursed. Their player support is terrible and it's only going to get worse as the lag does.

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Internet download manager 3.18 full. Athena Sword expansion. It is a hefty download, so unless you have a fast connection and a lot of time, you might want to buy the CD-ROM.


As a bonus, you also get technical support with the purchase. Won't save Panda Scan log. Order online today for fast home delivery.

In the 2 years I have been playing this I have only had 1 thing bad to say about CCP and that was a nerf. But I agree with everyone the lag is so bad I hardly want to play. STOP with the content updates and just stream line the game.


Hahaha, sorry, remind me of your coments of "the majority of subscribers" (that is really funny). Not so creative and good to read as INNOMINATE posts but, anyways, funny.

LoL - We already are using the LS20 for quit some time tinkerrrr! It's called Tranquility (TQ) was changed when we still were 16K players record. Just go for some of the old news in this site and you could see a LOT of "new hamsters" there.


Prices may vary from region to region and merchant to merchant. Coastal warehouses often offer substantive discounts on bulk purchases.

I've started a classic Amazon in 1/09 after finding a rare Gothic Bow, and finished the game with her already. I've done some cow runs and now she is level 66. Strafe + Freezing Arrow build.


Its understandable to have some lag in densely populated agent running systems (not to this extend though), but me and two corpmates went out on a little pvp trawl through poorly populated low security systems yesterday. One of us experienced 10+ seconds delays on module activation. Wasn't so bad for me, but it would take several attempts to warp and we would arrive 2-3 times at the same gate "warping" back and forth. I really can't think of anything more simple to do until the lag is fixed, except maybe for mining, but whats the point of doing something you don't enjoy in a game.

B - When it's first starting up you should see something like "press (something) to boot from CD", or may just say "Boot from CD" If so, press that key (or enter) to start the CD. C - If that doesn't appear, you may see something like "F10 (or some other key) - Boot Menu". I found a deep hidden program. I just got Raven Shield for my b-day and I went to install it and it never asked for a CDkey.


Sound Blaster Z PCIe Gaming Sound Card with High Performance Headphone Amp and Beam Forming. Once it's started, go to step 3. A - Your computer may start the CD on it's own. Raven Shield [citation needed] Go to \Videos\ Move, delete or rename the following files.

Wine Staging - currently at 5.20-5.22. At the beginning, supported software list of RK was much shorter (only a few programs) but we keep adding new supported software and features (now Recover Keys can retrieve activation codes for 10, 004 products). The actual developer of the software is Ubisoft Entertainment.


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Not to mention it's flawed logic. Not everyone reads the forums, but everyone reads the dev blogs?

Other, less reputable companies have done more to "make up" for getting their players to do their bug testing for them! It's the least we should expect from CCP.


It's all client side design flaws and bugs; nothing to do with network traffic or the servers. I'll add that lag, even in those rare times it's apparent, is generally not a problem in Eve because of the managerial way the game operates.

Korax’ Heritage on the web

A sorceress has now began her journey. I started with rather high player settings, but lowered it down to 6 as that is still a good amount of experience. Now I'm facing a bit of a dilemma: I could bring some twinking equipment from 1/07 (or even a whole character), but I do enjoy starting a new journey with a clean slate. Then again, I have done that already many times before.


I have a 3 meg broadband dsl connection and a fantastic rig - 2 x 3/4 ghz xeon noconas. Don't think I have any problems on my end.

Quit crying and go outside for a few days. This will all blow over when they fix the lag and you crybabies will have something new but less dibilitating to cry about. Im not saying this to the people who are having real game issues like crashing ever minute.


Don’t let your armor durability drop to zero, use an Armorer’s Hammer before that (completely depleted armor can’t be repaired). An armor piece with its durability at 1% absorbs just as much damage per hit as one with a durability of 100%, but a depleted armor piece absorbs nothing.

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If they respond to this thread, they're taking responsibility for a problem they may or may not ever be able to fix. Thus, if they respond, they could end up in a deeper whole. Right now, if they responded, some people might very well just choose to stop based on their response, whereas if they leave it open ended, they might have a bit more time granted by folks who are waiting for that response.


I patched to, and now I cannot play the game. If this is the case it is usually found in the full download archive itself. It was working very slowly - 100% CPU most of the time.

If 30k players is a thing to celebrate lets make them 50k. Hmm the fact that none of them can do anything in game because of lag is minnor problem after all :P. At least i want an apologie for not have chance to play last month because of this ridicilus lag.


You just granted yourself a week or two of goodwill simply by acknowledging problems. Isn't it amazing what good PR can do for you?

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Funny how we've had no CCP response over this issue, even though its been apparent for several days (if not weeks) now. Quite lacking when you consider that 'EVE Constantly monitors the forums to make sure all its customers are satisfied with the game' - or at least they say they do. Btw the Dev blog might as well be written on 100% recycled toilet paper for all its worth.


CCP could trouble shoot connections. Try to find out where the packet loss/bottleneck is. Is it a hardware problem?

Just started playing Eve 1 month ago. Due to an accident I had to stay home the last two weeks, so I had a lot of play time. Lag is getting worse each day after the last patch.


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Lag is bad And I'm getting disconnects quite often. Mining is right out, so is deploying drones, ratting, missions.

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This post is right on. My agent is also in aramachi. In that system and the surrounding systems it regularly takes 10 seconds for modules to activate. You also get lots of lag spikes where nothing will update for 30 seconds or more. Thne you'll see the fast-forward effect. You also get a lot of the rubberbanding effect, where you see the same thing happening over and over. Your shop backs up a few meters suddenly, etc.

Didn't this topic start in General Discussion? Too embarrassing on the popular forum, so lets bury it here, eh?


These were all tested with just disc installs, and then recent patches. Nothing changed before or after.

My corp mates and I have noticed the lag building since early summer, but the past month has been literally unplayable. Missions in Kaunokka or Aramachi? Scratch that, and move all equipment back to corp HQ. Prowling around Cal low-sec or nearby 0/0?


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I pray EvE will not go cheap on us and start cutting costs, we are a loyal player base, and giving us a lag free enviornemnt is very important to our quality of play. Destroy that, and we start to get upset.


Never a truer post has been made. For me ever since the server side patch was applied the games update speed has been appauling. I often wait at least 5 timed seconds for modules to activate, and I run missions in the quiet time when there's less than 15k people on.

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Complaining on the forums isn't enough, it seems. I'm hitting them in the pocketbook. Maybe that's a language that they can understand, but considering that other people here have threatened to quit and still no acknowledgement, I'm not hopeful.


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The current situation, while hopefully fixable, doesn't excuse the fact that there is a horribly deficient Public Relations issue with CCP. As one poster has already stated, the lack of acknowledgement and communication is imo the real problem.

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No, I was in Aramachi, with about 55-60 players in local at the time. There were about 21000 online at the time server-wide.


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I tried to run some missions in Tamo but with modules activate time around 20s it's very dangerous and annoying. Docking/undocking takes ages (about minute).


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I think most of the complaints center around CCP's actions, not the game itself. Back before the yarrrrdware upgrade, people complained about the lag, but the griping wasn't as widespread as it is now, nor was the lag as severe. It was one of those things that inevitably came with an increased amount of people on increasingly inadequate machines.

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Thats the link for th press release. And yes i was reffering my comment to the 50000, the fact that we are using this hardware since february and that the release came out now and shows the complete ignorrance of CCP towards the problems TQ has atm.

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CCP slow down on releasing new code and fix what's in use. We would rather have a playable game that maintains our fun than get new releases.

Yes i understand that 30k users on any cluster will cause lag, this is only to be expected but the lag isnt the only issue eve is having, dont believe me go check out the other posts people have put up and judge for yourself. So far i have lost an astarte to a lvl 4 mission with a friend using my alt account and yes i petitioned it and no reply yet from ccp. I now refuse to do any lvl 4 missions while there are over 20k users online at once due to delays / lag / connection drops (server boots).


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After 3 years of playing I am wondering if it is worth playing on. Whats worse is not hearing anything from CCP on the issue. Perhaps we are speaking the wrong language these days. Anyone around here speak chinese?


I'm psyched that there are 30k users. I think it's awesome that China is coming. All of these things mean that CCP is growing and expanding and working to become an even greater development company. But right now, I'm paying $15 a month for the opportunity to crash constantly, and that disturbs me to no end.