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A big part of this record’s disappointment is that it starts so strong: “Black Hearted Love” is a fabulous, dark-edged rocker that could have fit on Side A of Stories From The City. As an opener, it’s both brilliant and bewildering — nothing else on this album matches it or even slightly resembles it. From there, things slide into decent but undercooked avant-folk (“Sixteen, Fifteen, Fourteen,” “Leaving California”). Extreme fishing 2 hack. Then Harvey tries on an irritating vocal affectation that brings White Chalk’s old-lady vibe to an ill-advised extreme (“April”). The title track’s menacing swagger is a nice change of pace, but it quickly fizzles into a directionless instrumental glop of organs and piano.

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Freefall starts with a very energetic and rhythmic vibe that makes you wanna bop your head. It's a fun track, but it gets boring after a few listens. Supertwister is an instrumental heavily dominated by flute, and if it wasn't because of the flute it wouldn't be very memorable. After that, we get a three-step suite that features serious inspiration from Genesis, King Crimson, And early Van Der Graaf Generator, there's sections with vocals as the focus, others with keyboards. Because of that it's a little more dynamic than the rest of the album. Earthrise is yet another instrumental with a beginning that repeats itself a little too much, the guitar solo later on is fun and dynamic though. Finally, Lady Fantasy is yet another suite with a nice beginning verse. Unfortunately, the repetitions found later in the song really bring its momentum down and end up finishing the album in a relatively low note.

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The story is this: Dry commenced a label bidding war, Harvey signed with Island and handpicked recording maestro Albini to keep things raw, and the group quickly set to work rehearsing the disturbing songs Harvey had jotted down while living in “a horrible, horrible little flat” in Tottenham. Rid Of Me was recorded over the course of two weeks in a secluded Minnesota studio in the middle of winter. Bandmate Rob Ellis has described the atmosphere as “completely isolated”: “Just the five of us in the middle of nowhere in Minnesota, in this big old house, in the winter, in a snowbound wood.

Conclusion: As I wrote before, "Landscapes" appears in a huge musical hiatus of the band. Camel wasn't productive for more than six years, since they released "Stationary Traveller" and the DVD "Pressure Points", in 1984. So, this was probably the main reason why Latimer released "Landscapes". I hesitated to rate this compilation with 3 or 4 stars. It seems to be a very good compilation and very representative of the band's history because it has songs from all their studio albums, at the time, with the exception of their eponymous debut album "Camel" released in 1973. Besides, Camel doesn't have bad albums and even their weakest studio albums "I Can See Your House From Here" and "The Single Factor" aren't really bad. Still, "Landscapes" is a collection of Camel's short and more commercial songs. The final result is a good compilation very accessible to the beginners with Camel. So, I decided to rate it only with 3 stars.


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The roots of CAMEL go as far as 1964, when the Latimer brothers Andrew and Bryan form part of a band called THE PHANTOM FOUR, after gaining some fame, the band changes their name to STRANGE BREW, a when the bass player Graham Cooper reaches the band. But things were about to change, Ian Latimer and Cooper leave the band and Doug Ferguson joins.

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Purble Place PC Screenshot

The songs favor character over confession — Harvey takes on frightful literary personas as avatars of her isolation, whether it’s a prostitute aching for redemption (“Angelene”) or a disabled shut-in from a Flannery O’Connor story (“Joy”). She goes full trip-hop on “The Wind,” envisioning herself as Saint Catherine, abandoned up in that chapel, in an icy whisper. PJ Harvey has never committed to an aesthetic with such unnerving intimacy. If you’re in the right state for this sort of gothic depression, this record is a potent drug.

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Thanks for the fish

Doug Ferguson left, Richard Sinclair took his place, and saxophonist Mel Collins joined in. Sinclair had previously been an important figure in Caravan, also in Hathfield and The North, and after joining the Camel, he began to play a prominent role here as well. Big enough that Latimer was seriously considering changing the group's name to Caramel. Indeed, listening to the music from "Rain Dances" and "Breathless" such a change was not so unjustified, because apart from the composition, the music also changed in some way. In fact, it was even quite similar to the Caravan - lightness, melodiousness of the composition, and on the other hand, more boldly used jazz elements. It was a very conscious procedure. The band had already matured the idea to turn to jazz, to make their music "a little bit jazzy," said Latimer. Surely Sinclair was the perfect person to help them with this. Andy evidently bent on him and after Ferguson left, he tormented him for a long time to join the Camel.

PJ Harvey Albums From Worst To Best

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It is fun and one of the more nerve-wracking games in Purble Place

Elsewhere, the record addresses devil possession and — on the gorgeous title track — “a path cut 1500 years ago” in Harvey’s English hometown. That’s fitting — White Chalk feels like an artifact from some distant past. It has a gothic Victorian edge that’s remarkably convincing for an album recorded by a 37-year-old in 2007.

Conclusion: "Echoes" is a good compilation, really. It appeals to me because it has the ingredients that a compilation must have. It's a good overview of Camel's work of those years. It revisits the entire career of Camel, at the time, and it has some of the best tracks of Camel. It has good sound and a nice booklet too. As all big Camel's fans like me know, the musical style of Camel changed a bit all over the years. As many of us know, Camel has two great musical periods, the 70's and the 90's.


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Also, for mobile players, please note that 1/4 save files will not work on the current 1/3 mobile version. So please keep that in mind when considering a save transfer.


Am I really talking about Windows Vista right now? Well, that is the origins of Purble Place. It originally started life as a free game that was part of the Windows Vista OS. It built up a bit of a cult following (kind of like Minesweeper and that weird skiing game did) and now it can be played on Windows 10.

I would say that Purble Shop is my least favorite of the three games. The idea here is that you need to help a little dude look sharp. The AI is going to decide the colors of up to five different aspects of the person. These are their eyes, nose, mouth, clothes, and hat. It is not all five on the earlier levels. The AI will give you the colors and then you need to figure out what body part is what color.


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If not Harvey’s greatest work ever, Uh Huh Her is an important one. The LP firmly established two truths: 1) that Harvey is entirely capable of kicking out her collaborators and doing it all herself, should she desire; and 2) that however much she flirts with mainstream success, Harvey is always going to return to her anti-commercial instincts.

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Richard Sinclair was the voice of the group. His singing in "Tell Me" is simply beautiful, as are his warm bass taps. It is a small crime that of all things the trendy "Highways Of The Sun" sung by Latimer follows this little pearl. With "Metronome" and "Unevensong" there are two more pop songs, which turned out to be a lot more bearable, almost nice. Otherwise instrumental numbers predominate on "Rain Dances". I would describe this music as symphonic jazz rock, which goes a bit in the direction of the typical, smooth mainstream fusion of the late 70s.


If you've been using a PC for a long time chances are that you've at least heard of Purble Place, after all, it came preinstalled with Windows. Now, having mentioned that of course, you shouldn't expect something too flashy or surprising coming from it. However, nowadays it doesn't come pre installed anymore, so people have forgotten about it for a while now. This game was more complex than Minesweeper and Solitaire, and you could think about it as a Candy Crush. But was this basic, pre-installed game any good? Or was it just more storage filling included in every copy of Windows.

Propelled by Andy Ward's intense drumming, it really puts the band through its (sometimes 5/8) paces. I love its great, racing fadeout, as well as its eerie opening and closing. I can hear Latimer and Pete Bardens' writing partnership at work here, as the track goes through its different phases.


Four Corners is perfect for the new separate money option in multiplayer, since each farmer can have their own quadrant to live in. But it’s also fun for single player or cooperative farms. Each quadrant has a different perk, but the intruding cliffs reduce your total farming area. Another interesting feature is that the greenhouse, farm cave and pet area are located in the center of the farm.

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Previously we compared Purble Place to Candy Crush, however, it is mostly in the sense that it's a really colorful game that anyone can play. While it is originally intended for the younger audiences, almost as one of those cartoony educational games. But even with how simple it is, it is basically a small compilation of mini-games to kill some time. It has pretty illustrations and sounds that go with the colorful theme of the entire game. While Minesweeper can be frustrating sometimes, Purble Place is kinda the opposite of that.

The early levels are super simple as if you guessed a couple right but got some wrong, the AI tells you what ones you got right. On the higher levels, this is not the case. It will tell you what color you got right, but not for what body part. This is pretty tough and gives you a real mental workout.


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It adds a special feel to it. "Air Born" is one of their most memorable tracks. It's an excellent developed song.


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Feel The Funk Intro

Camel's second album, Mirage, is apparently widely regarded as a masterpiece of progressive rock. Unfortunately, after multiple listens, I just can't find the magic that everyone talks about, and this is my relationship with Camel in general. There's like fifty prog albums that I would put over this.

There are basically three different mini-games in Purble Place, all unlocked from the beginning. There's the purble pairs, a simple game that consists of memorizing the location of cards in a table and matching the couples. As you progress it would get a bit harder by giving you a look for less time to the location of cards and such. Even with this it never really gets tough so it's not too complicated.


Harvey’s admirably committed to learning new instruments as a means of warding off stagnation. The novelty of the autoharp nudges Harvey away from the familiar (a good thing) but lacks the varied compositional range of the piano (a bad thing), leaving the evocative “All & Everyone” floundering in the battlefield dust. Thankfully, the rest of the album picks up in a major way, with highlights including a sing-songy death dirge (“The Words That Maketh Murder”), a brooding soldier’s lament (“In The Dark Places”), and a scathing hymn to the singer’s motherland (“England”).

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The shtick of Purble Place (often misspelled as Purple Place) is that it is actually three games in one. These are puzzle based games and I would say that there is a high chance that there is at least one game out of the three that you will like. Presentation wise, Purble Place is not going to blow you away (and this was the case when it was first released too) but it is pleasant enough. Gameplay is available at different difficulty levels. While this is a “kids” game, the harder difficulties are rather challenging.

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THere's also a game about making beautiful and colorful cakes or at least decorating them. The base of the cake will move on an assembly line and you'll have to add all the decorations to it. But you'll have to do it to make it match with a picture shown to you in the top part of the screen.


The higher the level, the faster and more complicated things get. This is one of those games where you have to try and think two or three moves ahead. It is fun and one of the more nerve-wracking games in Purble Place.

Feel The Funk Vol. 1 Mixtape by Various Artists Hosted by Dj Regg

This album's lows aren't very low, but at the same time its peaks aren't very high either. It's missing that spark of genius that makes you say 'Wow!


And then there's also the purble store, here you'll pick up different clothes and accessories. Of course, you have to make it match as well as you can, and the AI will be the judge of how well it is going. This one is a little bit challenging, you'll have to learn all the patterns and components that go well together to get the best results.

Each of the kits in Country Roots contains multiple parts and song sections for each of the various instruments. This freedom allows you to simply use one layer of instrument by itself or you can increase the depth, complexity and "country" by adding the additional complimentary instruments.


The ghostly specter of the album art suits a record haunted by ghosts both named and imagined. Much of White Chalk revolves around loss and mourning.