She is part of the Nohana clan that has the bloodline limit of glass. Comparative chemical analyses of honeybee queen and drone larva homogenates have allowed us to make a preliminary inference. John is an intangible presence active throughout Kaidan, controlling Filth-beings and warping technology to his will.

This special chapter isn’t what I expected from the preview teaser, but it does fit in perfectly with our “Spooky One-shots” Fall theme. This little ghost story is a nice transition from summer to fall, so all is forgiven, though, I really wanted TamaxHaru happy married love-love short. Can you imagine how “stoopid” a pregnant Haruhi chapter could be? Micro sd card recovery software crack fifa. You’d have craziness from Tamaki, Renka, and nutty Tamaki’s Dad to deal with on that.

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  • Links to the Ouran High School Host Club July 2021 Special Chapter: — Retired
  • (PDF) Preference for drone brood cells by Varroa jacobsoni
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  • No One Killed Jessica
  • Territorial Invasion (2020)
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I’ve come along way as a translator and an image editor since I reluctantly started this series last year. Links to “Ouran High School Host Club” Chapter 83 (Zip)(PDF) — RETIRED Notes: The zip file, also includes the wallpaper.

You guys are wonderful and generous with your time and talent. Now, just a warning: this special chapter does not move the story forward. There are no big revelations or character developments. Rather it’s like an extra-long chapter of a normal Ouran story. When I first saw that’s what this was, I was rather disappointed because like so many.


It you want this set of bookmarks, order yourself a copy of the December 2021 issue of the Lala Special. Links: Lala Special from Amazon Japan: LinkLala Special from Akadot: (I’ll post the link when it’s in stock) The short special Ouran chapter will be released tomorrow along with the preview for the 60-page one-shot sequel coming in Lala 3 in late January 2021.

This is the first of two planned Ouran short stories appearing in Lala magazine to commemorate the OHSHC live action drama. This one-shot centers around Mei and Kasanoda who were revealed to an item in the extras from Volume 18. Mitsubachi hacc higher one card. It’s a cute one-shot. Update 7/25/2021: Update to the translation of Mei’s dialog on page 12. It’s different enough to warrant re-download for archiving purposes, but the change doesn’t impact the story. Links to the Ouran High School Host Club July 2021 Special Chapter: (Zip) (PDF) — Retired. As for the preview of the next special chapter, it reads.


The Ouran Commemoration in Lala Special issue 12/2021 contains a lot of stuff. I stuck to the stuff that was most interesting to me and took into consideration what might appear in Volume 18 when it’s finally released in English. Five chapters were selected as key chapters to re-read. They are chapters 4, 20, 36, 52, and 80. These key chapters were reprinted and took up the bulk of the commemoration. Interspersed between the chapter re-prints were interviews and Ouran trivia. I imagine most of this stuff will appear when Volume 18 is finally released in English from Viz, plus.

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