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The Isle of Man is looking to catalyze the growth of the blockchain and digital asset assets. In 2021, the country published guidance on digital assets, token activity, and how they.


Before calling OnModelCreating to let the user customize the model, EF Core creates the model based on conventions. One of the conventions is that a property named Id is assumed to be the key for the entity. However, because ProductId is a “complex” type, EF Core assumes that it’s an entity, rather than a scalar value. So it considers the Id property to be a navigation property to the ProductId entity. As a result, it implicitly introduces an IdTempId property as the foreign key, and Id itself doesn’t appear as a property (it’s a navigation property instead).

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Out of the box, EF Core doesn’t know anything about our strongly-typed ids. It just sees a custom type with no known conversion to a database type, so it assumes that it’s an entity. Which means that if we don’t do anything, it will attempt to map ProductId to a ProductId table with a Value column.

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Personally it doesn’t really bother me, because I prefer to configure my entities explicitly anyway, rather than just rely on conventions. If you prefer to rely on conventions, there’s probably a way to make it work without manual configuration, but I haven’t found a satisfying solution yet. It should be easier when #10784 is resolved.

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How to use C# 9 records to declare strongly-typed ids

Raz's answer was a great start, but wasn't quite flexible enough to meet my needs. The MultiStoreKeyManager explicitly checks the custom KeyManager and then falls back to the jvm KeyManager if an operation fails. I actually want to check jvm certs first; the best solution should be able to handle either case. Additionally, the answer fails to provide a working TrustManager.

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Note that this works in EF Core 5/0, but not necessarily with older versions, where it could cause client-side evaluation. Not sure when this was fixed exactly, but at least in 5/0 it works fine.

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Note that this has to be done for each property that is a strongly-typed id (whether it’s a primary key or foreign key). There’s currently no way to say “apply this conversion for all properties of that type”, although it’s being considered for EF Core 6/0.

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